CCS Team


CCS team members have extensive qualifications in environmental science, public policy, economics, management, business, law, education, communications, and finance. Many have experience as public officials, high-level policy advisors, and academic, nonprofit, community, and business leaders.

Thomas D. Peterson 
Founder, President and CEO

Stephen M. Roe 
Senior Policy Analyst, Technical Program Manager

Scott Williamson
Senior Policy Analyst, Program Manager

Arianna Ugliano

Project Manager and Policy Analyst

Paul Aldretti
Policy Analyst and Project Manager

Holly Lindquist
Policy Analyst 

Fan Zhang
Junior Policy Analyst

Nikola Pilipovic
Junior Policy Analyst



CCS often includes expert consultants and advisors in its projects to ensure a full range of expertise and capacity and a high level of efficiency in carrying out its mission. Affiliate members include representatives of universities, technical institutions, nonprofit organizations, and other institutions. These advanced practitioners and thought leaders typically have long-term relationships with CCS and are well known in their fields.