CCS Team

CCS team members have extensive qualifications in environmental science, public policy, economics, management, business, law, education, communications, and finance. Many have experience as public officials, high-level policy advisors, and academic, nonprofit, community, and business leaders.


Management and Staff

Thomas D. Peterson, Founder, President and CEO

Stephen M. Roe, Senior Technical Program Manager

Loretta Bauer, Policy Analyst and Special Assistant

Zach Friedman, International Project Manager

Cassie Mullendore, Communications Intern


Team Members 

Pat DeLaquil, Ph.D., Energy and Economic Systems Modeling

Bill Dougherty, Ph.D., Energy Supply, Adaptation, Economic Modeling Issues

Tom Easley, Advisor, Adaptation Issues

Gary GoldsteinEnergy and Economic Systems Modeling

David Von Hippel, Ph.D., Energy Supply & Demand Issues

Michael Lawrence, Transportation and Land Use Issues

Lewison Lem, Ph.D., Transportation and Land Use Issues

Tom Looby, Senior Project Manager

Juan A. Maldonado, Energy Supply and Demand, Emissions Inventory and Forecast Issues

Robert B. McKinstry, Jr., Legal and Regulatory Issues

Maureen Mullen, Transportation and Land Use Issues

Hal T.  Nelson, Ph.D., Economic Modeling, Market Based Systems, Energy Supply & Demand Issues

Adam Rose, Ph.D., Economic Modeling, Market Based Systems, Energy Supply Issues

Stephen Saunders, Advisor, Adaptation Issues

Brad Strode, Agriculture and Forestry Issues

Jackson Schreiber, Transportation and Land Use Issues

Dan Wei, Ph.D., Economic Modeling, Market Based Systems, Energy Supply Issues

James H. Wilson, Transportation and Land Use Issues