CCS Team

Board of Directors

Stephen A. OwensBoard Member


Steven E. ChesterChairman

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Robbi JonesSecretary Treasurer


Thomas D. PetersonPresident

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CCS team members have extensive qualifications in environmental science, public policy, economics, management, business, law, education, communications, and finance. Many have experience as public officials, high-level policy advisors, and academic, nonprofit, community, and business leaders.

Thomas D. Peterson Founder, President and CEO

Holly Lindquist Policy Analyst 

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Stephen M. Roe Senior Policy Analyst, Technical Program Manager

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Scott Williamson Senior Policy Analyst, Program Manager


Fan Zhang Junior Policy Analyst


Nikola Pilipovic Junior Policy Analyst

Arianna Ugliano Project Manager and Policy Analyst



CCS projects include expert consultants, technical service providers, and advisors where needed to ensure a full range of capacity and a high level of efficiency in achieving results. Affiliate members are highly skilled and experienced, and include representatives of universities, policy and research institutions, and nonprofit organizations, as well as financial, legal, communications, and other experts. These advanced practitioners and thought leaders typically have long-term relationships with CCS and are well known in their fields. 

Advisory Council

The CCS Advisory Council provides institutional support for work decisions and includes executives and advanced practitioners in core areas. In addition, CCS is supported by other informal advisors who provide additional support on a wide range of specialized issues. 

Dr. Amir Metry, Chairman Emeritus, CCS; Director, Versar Corporation

Dr. Kathy Wagner Hill, Director Emeritus, CCS; Director, Johns Hopkins University Center for Advanced Governmental Studies

Alex BeehlerSenior Advisor, B&D Consulting; Former Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Environment, Safety & Occupational Health (ESOH) at the Department of Defense. Washington, DC

Tim BradleyCo-founder and Managing Director, Signal Equity Partners. New York, NY

Diane DuffExecutive Director, National Workforce Association; former Executive Director, Southern Governor's Association. Washington, DC

Dr. David von HippelSenior Policy Analyst, CCS; President, David von Hippel Analysis and Planning. Eugene, OR

Tom LoobySenior Project Director CCS; Former Director, Colorado Environment Protection Division. Frisco, CO

Dr. Hal NelsonSenior Policy Analyst, CCS; Visiting Professor, School of Politics and Economics, Claremont Graduate University. Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Adam RoseSenior Advisor, Economic Modeling, CCS; Research Professor Coordinator, Economics at University of Southern California DHS Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events (CREATE). Los Angeles, CA