Stephen M. Roe

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Technical Program Manager

Stephen M. Roe has 31 years of experience in climate change, energy, natural resources and air quality consulting; environmental management; and process engineering. His areas of expertise include: the development of emission inventories for greenhouse gases/aerosols, toxic air pollutants, and criteria air pollutants; policy development, including the control effectiveness and microeconomic analysis of mitigation programs covering all of these pollutants; facilitation of technical workgroups; and capacity-building in policy development and analysis. Mr. Roe has provided support in climate change mitigation, low emissions development, and related planning projects in dozens of countries, states/provinces and municipalities in the US, Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, the Philippines, Ukraine, Africa, and China. 

Mr. Roe leads the development and implementation of CCS' analytical toolkit which supports the 10-step action planning approach developed and applied by the organization since 2004. The toolkit supports national and subnational action planning and addresses: baseline (inventory and forecast) development (e.g. energy, emissions, economy); policy/strategy identification/screening/selection/design; microeconomic (direct) impacts analysis; and macroeconomic (indirect) impacts analysis. He is currently leading the development of extensions to the planning and analytical toolkit to assist governments in implementing renewable energy programs and projects. This includes renewable energy resource assessment, technology selection, and implementation planning, including financial analysis. 

Mr. Roe is also experienced in organizational greenhouse gas management, including energy and emissions baselines and action plan development. This also includes experience as an inventory and emission reduction project verifier with work covering California's mandatory reporting program, The Climate Registry, the California Climate Action Registry, and the Climate Action Reserve. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Biology from Florida State University and a Masters Degree in Environmental Chemistry & Toxicology from California State University, Sacramento.