Track Record

Members of the Center for Climate Strategies team of more than 400 policy specialists have played a principal role in a majority of US states and regional climate policy planning processes conducted officially since 2000, and in many key studies and departmental initiatives.  They have collaborated with over 40 US states and 2,000 stakeholders, as well as three US regions. Some of the results are noted below:

Washington Governor Christine O. Gregoire

Thank you letter from the governor in regards to our work with the Pacific Coast Collaborative.

Kentucky Governor Steven Beshear

“I believe that the information that has been given to us and that we’re developing is going to put all of the Southern states in a position to be able to plan in the area of climate change for the future.”

[Referring to the SGA Regional Assessment of Climate Action by CCS]

Florida Governor Charlie Crist

“I want to thank you and your team at the Center for Climate Strategies for the excellent support you provided my team as we began the development of Florida’s climate change strategy. The experience, objectivity and responsiveness you and your team brought to our effort was invaluable…”

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine

“This is an incredible amount of work. I think now the Southern States and the Southern Region probably have the best data about the cost either investment needed or savings realized from these different climate strategies… I think we now have, the Southern States and the Southern Region, has the best cost information that there is in the country on the relative merits, costs, savings from these different strategies."

[Referring to the SGA Regional Assessment of Climate Action by CCS]

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley

“I wanted to thank your group [CCS] also for coming to Maryland. We’ve done a number of things because of your good work. And if we hadn’t locked people in a room with a good moderator… breaking it down in that way that as a business person you’re comfortable with – show me each piece, show me what it’s worth, show me what the output is so that we can put this all back together. There’s no way we would have gotten it done.”

North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue

“The Center [CCS] came in, we worked hard and a lot of people thought we couldn’t move forward. We brought together, I think, about 45 people, different stakeholders [and had a] very public, transparent, and sometimes a very painful discussion, sometimes a very hopeful discussion. At the end of the day we came up with 56 options, as you know, and we moved ahead. Nobody thought we could do it; our utilities joined us we passed the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards last summer and there was tremendous give and take from all of the players. And we went ahead and updated our building code because we found, in North Carolina, many of the things you described – that when they were implemented they were probably ok but now they were really doing serious damage to bringing down the costs and increasing energy utilization.”

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue

“I just want to compliment you (Governor Kaine) and Tom and the group in this very complex topic as we try to make policy decision within the state and within the federal context in a very dynamic moving arena. This is exactly kind of analysis that I feel more comfortable with so I’m very pleased that we moved in this arena and it’s a good starting point from a now objective analysis rather than assumptions and emotions that drive me in this. So thank you very much for a very good analytical process and going into detail of how you did that.”

[Referring to the SGA Regional Assessment of Climate Action by CCS]

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford

“We have begun a long overdue conversation in South Carolina on climate change and its implications for the state and quality of life we currently enjoy. Probably the most important part of this conversation is centered on what we can do as South Carolinian’s to be proactive about having an impact on what comes next. One of the most American of all precepts is this idea of action, of not waiting to be a victim – but grabbing the bull by the horns and working to determine the outcome. This conversation would not have gotten off the ground as it has were it not for your involvement, and so I wanted to write and say how much I appreciated all of the work you did on the Climate, Energy and Commerce Advisory Committee (CECAC). Throughout the year and a half that the committee met, you and your team consistently provided critical expertise on shaping policies fit in our state and region – and for that, you have my thanks and admiration…”

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Whether it was establishing California’s goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in 2005 or coming up with a plan to achieve them in 2006 or implementing that plan in 2007 and beyond, we could not have done these things without the objective scientific, technical and economic analysis provided by CCS…”

Jennifer L. Sokolove, Senior Program Officer, Compton Foundation

“The completion of a comprehensive climate change plan for Montana with unanimous consensus once again demonstrates that effectiveness of CCS’ leadership and process model. We are pleased that CCS has been able to forge strong collaborations with state partners such as the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization and the Washington Climate Advisory Team… We are proud to be a part of such important work.”  

Shari T. Wilson, Secretary of the Maryland Department of Environment

"The Center for Climate Strategy's work on Maryland's Climate Action Plan cannot be overstated. Their expertise, technical knowledge, and familiarity with climate initiatives -- both national and international -- enabled Maryland to craft a well-thought out plan to achieve both economic and environmental benefits. The Climate Action Plan was key to Maryland passing a strong bill committing our state to reduce our greenhouse gases, which Governor O'Malley signed into law today."