Comprehensive Action Planning

10-Step Process and Analysis Toolkit

Over the past ten-years, CCS has developed a widely implemented process for comprehensive, multi-objective, climate, energy, and economic action planning and analysis. This 10-Step Process & Analytical Toolkit can be applied at either the national or subnational levels, and across all sectors or for individual sectors and policies to support agency and stakeholder decisions. 

CCS’ 10-Step Process Addresses:

The process is flexible and can conform to planning processes that require complex multi objective approaches, including:

                 US Domestic Planning                              International Planning
  • Power Sector Section 111(d) Goals
  • Strategic Energy Planning
  • Climate Action Planning
  • Economic Development
  • Transportation Planning
  • Low Emissions Development Strategies (LEDS)
  • Low Carbon Development (LCD)
  • Sustainable Economic Development
  • Green Growth
  • Climate Action Planning
  • Sustainable Energy and Resource Planning