Africa LEDS Project


In partnership with the United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP), the European Commission, the Africa LEDS Partnership and the LEDS Global Partnership (LEDS GP), CCS is providing technical training and capacity building, analytical models, systems, and framework development, and learning by doing based technical assistance to governmental and technical institutions in Cameroon, Ivory Coast and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These capacities will inform the development and implementation of specific, sector based LEDS policies and mechanisms to meet low emission socio-economic development goals (multi objective decision making) consistent with the current NDC and needs for further development and implementation. 

Project support includes local technical team formation, comprehensive LEDS tool development for policy planning and impact analysis, as well as analysis of immediate sustainable development priorities in the agriculture, transportation, and energy sectors to enable low carbon transition of Ivory Coast’s economy.

Models and training material will be scaled up at the regional level. 

For additional information please visit the project webpage at

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