Policy & Market Analysis

Energy, economic, and resources sectors analysis and modeling. We conduct - and build in-country capacity to conduct quantitative impact analysis of individual policy options and mechanisms against performance objectives such as economic growth (GDP, income, jobs), energy, resource and GHG emissions. This work is conducted through a comprehensive toolkit and guidance system that is designed for highly transparent, customized and friendly use. As a part of this process, we help form local technical teams and expert work groups and install broad range policy planning and modeling capacity and tools for country-driven decision making. Rigorous, best in class state-of-science impact analysis and modeling capabilities include:

-- Energy supply and demand: e.g. power supply systems modeling; energy demand forecasts; renewable energy resource assessment

-- Natural resource utilization: e.g. land use, forest biomass, water, waste resources

-- Environmental: e.g. greenhouse gas and air pollution emissions, solid waste and wastewater generation, terrestrial carbon management

-- Economic: e.g. micro-economic (direct implementation costs) and macro-economic impacts analysis (employment, gross domestic product)