Policy & Market Analysis

The use of fact finding (preferably joint fact finding), is critical to objective, efficient, and equitable decisions on policy and planning. CCS provides detailed analysis of baselines and potential response options to measure direct and indirect impacts of specific policy options within Comprehensive Action Plans. Our evaluation of micro or direct impacts includes greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions, cost effectiveness, energy security, resource efficiency, and other co-benefits. Our macroeconomic impact analysis includes impacts on jobs, income, economic growth, prices, productivity, market share, and distributional impacts within and across economic sectors. Through rigorous and context-specific analysis, typically conducted through stakeholder involvement, decision-makers are able to determine which policies are likely to perform best at meeting goals for both agencies and stakeholders.  

See a national-scale assessment on our Security and Investment Project (SIP) page, including the CCS Integrated Security Metrics (ISM) system.

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