CCS Moderates World Energy Security Sessions

CCS Moderates World Energy Security Sessions

The Africa World Energy Security Forum was convened by Hemisphere Frontiers Consulting at the American Management Association during Climate Week in New York City September 23, 2016 under the theme of Positioning Energy in an Era of Energy Revolution. Tom Peterson of CCS moderated combined sessions on Technology Breakthroughs and Environmental Sustainability, Insights on Renewable Energy Options to power Africa; The Natural Gas Boom and the Future of E & P in Africa's Oil and Gas Sector; and The Paris Agreement and Technology Transfer in Africa: The move to a Low-Carbon Energy Systems.

Indigenous, low carbon energy is critical to the advancement of national vision and priorities for African nations, including economic and environmental security. Biomass, micro hydro, natural gas, solar, waste recovery, and wind hold strong potential for community and regional development but have been held back by a lack of investment. In Sub-Saharan Africa, for instance, 68 percent of homes are not served by electricity but are surrounded by vast renewable energy resources.

The Paris Agreement provides a new opportunity for African nations and global investors to combine public policy and financial instruments to remove long-standing investment barriers to local sustainable energy. The Center for Climate Strategies supports clean energy implementation in Africa and other regions through better use of policy design, analysis, and financial and administrative tools and collaboration.


Dr. Trinto Mugangu of the Democratic Republic of Congo demonstrates the use of solar power and LED lighting from Congo Energie to power CongoWebTV operations in Kinshasa.  


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