Ukraine EC LEDS Action Planning

Ukraine EC LEDS Action Planning

In Kyiv on October 26th, over 120 stakeholders of the Ukraine LEDS Advisory group gathered with representatives of Ukraine’s Parliament, its Ministries, US AID, and leading citizen’s groups to establish a working list of strategic policy options. Following review of critical national objectives and a screening of an extensive catalog, the group identified a range of policy options in each sector to be advanced for further design and analysis toward completion of a final National LEDS Action Plan in July 2017.

New actions will be recommended for government adoption in response to economic, energy, and environmental needs, including climate change goals under the Paris Agreement and European Union integration energy and environmental goals. The Ukraine EC LEDS process is supported by the USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project in Ukraine. The Center for Climate Strategies provides core policy and process expertise and on-site and remote assistance to the project team in Kyiv.


Ukraine's EC LEDS Advisory Group begins a full day of integrated policy development with opening guidance from Ukraine's Parliament, Ministries, and leading citizens groups with support from US AID and moderator Natalie Kushko.


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