CCS Launches Ivory Coast LEDS Modeling Capacity Project

Abidjan, Ivory Coast. On May 4, 2017 CCS joined the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the Africa Low Emissions Development Strategies Partnership (AfLP), and over 30 representatives from governmental and technical institutions in Ivory Coast to launch the LEDS Modeling Development and Capacity Building component of the Africa LEDS Project (ALEDS Project). As a part of the ALEDS project, CCS is supporting local self-determination and global integration by providing training, capacity building. analytical models and technical assistance to Ivory Coast governmental and technical institutions for early stage policy development and longer term strategic planning. Project support includes local technical team formation, comprehensive LEDS tool development for policy planning and impact analysis, as well as analysis of immediate sustainable development priorities in agriculture, transportation, and energy to enable low carbon transition of Ivory Coast’s economy. The ALEDS project is conducted in partnership with the LEDS Global Partnership (LEDS GP) and its co-secretariat NREL, AfLP, the European Commission, and UNEP.