Building Support for Long Term Climate Stabilization

Berlin, Germany. At the Global NDC Conference May 2-6, 2017, CCS led discussions with representatives of developing and emerging nations on “Near-Term Action Defined by Longer-Term and Deeper Decarbonisation.” The discussions were hosted jointly with representatives of the Low Emission Development Strategies Global Partnership (LEDS GP), the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Mexico’s Institute for National Environment and Climate Change (INECC), the University of Maryland, Worldwatch, and the World Resources Institute. In particular, CCS and INECC facilitated a session on “Building Support for Long Term Stabilization” through comprehensive planning, analysis, and implementation practices that address a range of immediate and long term national priorities. The Global NDC Conference was hosted by the German Corporation for International Cooperation, United Nations Development Program, the LEDS GP, and the NDC Partnership. 


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