CCS Provides In-Forum Workshop Training to UNFCCC

CCS Provides In-Forum Workshop Training to UNFCCC

Bonn, Germany, 2018. At the In-Forum Workshop Training for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Center for Climate Strategies (CCS) presented analytical and planning tools and results for climate action and economic planning initiatives in the US and other nations to Parties of the UNFCCC response measures forum. The response measures forum serves as a platform for UNFCCC Parties to share information, experiences, and best practices in addressing the social and economic impacts of climate mitigation policies and measures.  

At the Workshop Training, CCS demonstrated the potential for analysis and decision making tools to support government and stakeholder decisions on policy actions that reach multiple goals and objectives, including simultaneous achievement of economic and environmental progress. 

Concerns about economic tradeoffs of climate policy can be a barrier to climate stabilization actions, but experience with stakeholder-based decision making has shown that when aided by expert assistance and macroeconomic evaluation tools, actions can be selected and designed to alleviate fears that climate actions will be harmful to economies.

Developing nations are particularly interested in the tools, procedures, and capacities needed to identify, design, evaluate, and implement actions that address economic and sustainable development priorities at the same time. Capacity building approaches currently undertaken by CCS, such as the Enhancing Capacity for Low Emissions Development (EC LEDS) and the Africa LEDS Project, provide this support and can be expanded. 

(*Image: Economic modeling tools provide policy makers the ability to select and design low carbon development policy actions in each sector to ensure positive links between climate action and economic progress. )