CCS Promotes Cooperation and Capacity Building in Southeast Asia

CCS Promotes Cooperation and Capacity Building in Southeast Asia

Guangzhou, China, and Naypyidaw, Myanmar, 2018. As an outgrowth of its US-China program, the Center for Climate Strategies (CCS) joined China partners in Guangzhou to launch expanded renewable energy implementation actions in the Guangdong Province of China. Partners then supported a follow-on workshop in Naypyidaw to share low carbon and renewable energy development tools and strategies with governments and to expand multilateral cooperation in Southeast Asia. 

Since 2009, CCS has collaborated on the co-development, testing, national endorsement, training, and deployment of the China Subnational Low Carbon Development Planning and Analysis Toolkit with its partners. These include the Global Environmental Institute (GEI) led by Madame Jin Jiaman; the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Science and Development (CAS-ISD), led by Professor Wang Yi; the Guangdong Institute for Energy Conversion (GIEC), led by Professor Daiqing Zhao; and the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Science in Shanxi Province, led by Director Xiaohua Ge. 

Over 30 of China’s provinces and cities have received tools, training, and technical support for learning by doing on local low carbon development. This work has covered all economic sectors of China, including partnership formation, financing and investment mechanisms, and strengthened governance and policy. In addition, the platform supports multilateral cooperation in other nations, including regional coordination with China South-South Climate Change Cooperation and the Belt and Road Initiative.

In 2011, CCS was awarded an EcoPartnership by the US State Department and China’s National Development and Reform Commission. On June 14, 2018, CCS joined the US State Department, US Department of Commerce, and US Environmental Protection Agency with EcoPartners from the US and China to affirm commitments to US-China cooperation at an annual signing and graduation ceremony hosted by Lawrence Berkeley Labs. CCS graduated from the program in 2016 but continues promotion of US-China cooperation on energy, industry, waste, and environmental management with China partners inside and outside China.

(*Photo: Officials from Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia joined CCS, its China partners, and international donors to confer on low carbon development and renewable energy planning strategies and future cooperation. )