Center for Climate Strategies Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary!

Center for Climate Strategies Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary!

Center for Climate Strategies Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary!


Two Heads Are Better Than One

April, 2019. The Center for Climate Strategies (CCS) is proud to celebrate its 15th anniversary of dedication to our mission of Helping People Work Together To Create A Better Safer World. CCS was created to forge expert collaborative solutions between stakeholders and government that stabilize the climate and achieve parallel goals of economic, energy, and resource security, and improve human equity. In 2004 we developed a signature consensus building process and decision support system that has been applied in over 20 US states and many nations, states, provinces, and cities in key regions of the world.
This procedure was born of the concept that two heads are better than one — by working together we can solve problems better than we can alone. The CCS template for collaboration was originally known as Climate Action Planning and contributed to formation of comprehensive, multi objective, participatory programs now known by the monikers of Economic, Energy, and Resource Planning; Low Carbon Development; Low Emissions Development Strategies; Green Growth; and Nationally Determined Contributions for the Paris agreement. CCS continues to apply and expand this work today to meet new challenges for people in all key regions of the world.

In 2008 Sea Studios Foundation produced a 14-minute film Ahead of the Curve 2, which is about CCS action planning processes in four U.S. states — Arizona, Florida, Maryland, and Minnesota. The footage highlights the intensive public and private collaboration that took place and the struggles, strategies, and successes experienced by the many people involved. 

This approach is more relevant today than ever. As Sea Studios noted prophetically at the time: “In the absence of strong U.S. federal leadership on climate change, citizens and elected officials across America are discovering reasons to be hopeful about the future of our planet, and are taking matters into their own hands. This short documentary celebrates America at its best--and shows why Washington should be paying close attention.” 

Watch governors, stakeholders, and experts work together and describe the challenge of climate change and sustainable development where they live, and the breakthroughs they made by working tirelessly with each other with the help of CCS.
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Highlights of our work

    Comprehensive climate action planning in over 20 US states and seven US regions, as well as US universities, cities, and metro regions 

•    Low carbon development and economic, energy, and resource planning and analysis in China’s Provinces, Guatemala, Lebanon, Mexico’s Border States, and Ukraine

    Greenhouse gas emissions inventories and forecasts for 32 US and Mexican states and several nations, including Guatemala, the Philippines, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates 

•    The U.S Security and Investment Project and national energy and environmental security plan 

    Capacity building, training, and tool development in Cameroon, Cote D’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Myanmar, and several Chinese provinces and cities

•    Energy efficiency and renewable energy financing for 33 U.S. states, tribes, and municipalities

•    Private Investment Mobilization for Low Carbon Development in Ghana

    Carbon pricing and green growth in Washington, D.C.

•    And many others!