US Progress on Climate Change Mitigation Unexpectedly Strong

US Progress on Climate Change Mitigation Unexpectedly Strong

We live in a world where one person can make a difference. Whether it is one governor with a vision for a better, safer world and the strength to see it through; one stakeholder with a great idea and the guts to be its champion; or one citizen with the courage to speak out and show us a better way. People across the US have changed our world when it comes to climate change. 

Today our nation is about 75 percent closer to its goals for a safer atmosphere (1990 carbon emissions levels by 2020) than it was in 2007. The trajectory of carbon pollution into the next decade have fallen because helpful actions have risen -- not because the economy changed and we found more natural gas, although that’s a part (less than 30 percent) -- but because we decided to act today as if tomorrow mattered, and do smart things that made sense. 

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