CCS Provides Authorship, Application of Global Green Growth Practices

CCS Provides Authorship, Application of Global Green Growth Practices

The Center for Climate Strategies (CCS) is pleased to announce a new report “Green Growth in Practice: Lessons from Country Experiences” sponsored by the Climate Development Network, European Climate Foundation, and Global Green Growth Institute. The report, developed by over 75 international authors, covers 60 international case studies and systematic best practices and benefits for Green Growth and Low Emissions Development Strategies (LEDS).

Tom Peterson of CCS contributed expert authorship for the Planning and Coordination chapter of the report. He notes, “Leaders across the globe see the value of reducing our footprint on energy and natural resources through strategies and investments that drive valued added, safe, and sustainable economic growth.”

On July 1 at 7am EST, the "Green Growth in Practice: Lessons from Country Experiences" will be presented in London, UK in a live stream webinar event. Register for the event here.

CCS specializes in collaborative approaches for economic growth, energy needs, and environmental protection using comprehensive, multi objective, stakeholder driven, planning and analysis. Since 2004 CCS has helped over 20 US States and the Border States of Mexico formulate comprehensive climate action plans; the Provinces of China develop the Low Carbon Development (LCD) Planning and Analysis Toolkit; Ukraine’s launch of the Municipal Energy Reform Project and Enhancing Capacity LEDS Program; local emissions inventories and forecasts for the Philippines; and others. For more, see CCS' USA and International programs.

 photo e0b2d12c-e528-49c3-b186-6ae48a85a02b_zps137339aa.png"Green Growth in Practice: Lessons from Country Experiences" helps people learn and teach how to create economic and environmental gains. Report chapters cover Planning and Co-ordination; Establishing Vision, Baselines and Targets; Assessing and Communicating Benefits of Green Growth; Prioritization of Green Growth Options and Pathways; Policy Design and Implementation; Mobilizing Investment; Public-Private Collaboration; Integrating Subnational Action; and Monitoring and Evaluation. See the full report.

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US State Climate Action Plans and Economic Analyses provide important case experience and techniques on how to achieve simultaneous economic growth, energy needs, and environmental protection in a fair and equitable manner. They provide viable policy options in all sectors of the economy, including Heat and Power, Transportation, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Waste, Agriculture, and Forestry. See our US States page.

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China's Low Carbon Development (LCD) Planning and Analysis Toolkit, developed by CCS and China Partners under directives of China's 12th Five Year Plan, provides guidance measurement systems and techniques for economic growth, emissions reduction, and energy intensity reduction. See the LCD program on our China page.


More information about CCS programs on Climate Action, Green Growth, Low Emissions Development Strategies and Low Carbon Development can be found on our website.

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