CCS-GEI EcoPartnership on China Low Carbon Development

Since 2009, the Center for Climate Strategies (CCS) has partnered with the Beijing-based Global Environmental Institute (GEI) to support China's advancement of climate change action. In 2011, the U.S. State Department and China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) formally recognized this U.S.-China partnership as an official EcoPartnership.

CCS and GEI work closely with key national and provincial government officials and experts in China at the NDRC, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Policy and Management (CAS-IPM), Chinese Academy of Governance (CAG) system, Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission (DRC), and other institutions.

CCS U.S.-China Engagement includes:

See Timeline of the CCS-GEI EcoPartnership


(*CCS President and CEO Tom Peterson and GEI President Jin Jiaman)

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At the June 6, 2016 annual US China EcoPartnership meeting, CCS and GEI graduated from the program following five years of intensive collaboration on China’s subnational Low Carbon Development program. Key elements of the bilateral partnership included joint development of China’s Low Carbon Development Subnational Planning and Analysis Toolkit in conjunction with the Chinese Academies of Science Institute for Policy & Management; Pilot Demonstration in the Provincial City of Chongqing; formal recognition for official use by China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC); development of China’s Subnational Low Carbon Development Curriculum; workshop based training and remote assistance to 210 technicians from 13 provinces and 18 cities representing 40 percent of China’s economy and 36 percent of its energy demand; training of over 1,000 additional civil servants through the Chinese Academies of Science; and transition to city and province Low Carbon Development plans in all regions of China.

China Low Carbon Development Toolkit

 China Low Carbon Development Training

National Coverage of CCS/GEI Trained Regions

Core of the EcoPartnership

(*CCS-GEI EcoPartnership signing ceremony, Strategic and Economic Dialogue 2014, Beijing, China)

"The Center for Climate Strategies in the United States has been working very closely with the Global Environmental Institute in China in order to develop ideas for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And the Center has already worked with 36 states in the United States on ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and it is transferring these best practices to Chinese provinces. It is doing so directly. In the next three years, the partnership will develop 30 low-carbon plans across China. And that is exactly how we are going to make the most progress in this fight." -US Secretary of State, John Kerry (EcoPartnership Signing Ceremony, Strategic and Economic Dialogue 2014, Beijing, China)

(*CCS President and CEO Tom Peterson and GEI President Jin Jiaman)  

CCS China Low Carbon Development Planning Project Milestons

Chinese Subnational Low Carbon Development Planning and Analysis Toolkit Version1.0

In April 2014, the Version1.0 of the toolkit for Chinese subnational Low Carbon Development planning and analysis was successfully completed and introduced to Chinese National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), DRC of provinces, and Chinese Academy of Government (CAG). Initiated in 2011 by CCS, GEI and CAS-IPM, the completion of the toolkit Version 1.0 allows Chinese municipals to develop and eventually implement the low carbon development plans by themselves to accomplish climate, economic, and energy goals.

Moreover, the toolkit has the potential to provide technical needs for air quality improvement planning and analysis in China, especially those related to particular matter. Assisted with training and capacity building for government officials, the toolkit is expected to be used to enhance air quality, reduce carbon emissions, and stimulate economic development in China.

Chongqing Pilot Plan: Application of Provincial-Level Low Carbon Development Planning and Analysis Toolkit

Started in 2013, this Pilot Plan aims at applying the Low Carbon Development (LCD) Planning and Analysis Toolkit to the Provincial-Level Municipality, Chongqing. The project is a collaborative work by Global Environmental Institute (GEI), Institute of Policy and Management under Chinese Academy of Science (CAS IPM) and Center for Climate Strategies (CCS). With the approval of the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the toolkit will also be implemented and improved to other lead provinces and cities in China, and eventually to the whole nation after the implementation in Chongqing.

Up to December 2014, the analysis for Chongqing Pilot Plan has been completed. CCS-GEI-CAS IPM team is finalizing the project by conducting macroeconomic analysis for the Chongqing policies, drafting the LCD Plan, and developing the implementation mechanisms of the plan.

Low Carbon Development Curriculum: National Template Roll-Out & Capacity Building

As the Chinese Planning Template for Subnational Low Carbon Development Planning has been built up with the development of projects such as the Chongqing Pilot Plan, more outreach and capacity building activities are needed for the template adaptation at province level as well as at national level in China. Collaborating among CCS, GEI, CAS IPM, CAG, local Academies of Governance, and approved by NDRC, the Low Carbon Development Curriculum is developed to enhance the Chinese government's capacity in adopting the Chinese Planning Template and in making new subnational and national Low Carbon Development plans.

Upon completion of the curriculum, it will not only provide general concepts and framework of the Subnational Low Carbon Development Planning, but also offer detailed analysis methods and policy making techniques to Chinese government. 

Low Carbon Development Planning Supporting in Shanxi

Shanxi Province Research Center for Eco-environmental Science (SPRCES) is deginated by Shanxi DRC to create a LCD Planning program for Yangquan City to meet the provincial 13th FYP. CCS and GEI will support this program in various areas, include inventory and baseline development, policy design and selection, micro-economic analysis, macro-economic analysis, etc. By this program, SPRCES plans to compose a "Methods of LCD Planning for the City of Yangquan" and will present and share its LCD planning works with other Chinese agencies to support scale up.


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