LEDS Global Partnership Remote Expert Assistance LEDS (REAL) Program

CCS has partnered with the LEDS GP (and NREL as co-secretariat) to conduct in-country LEDS-related assistance to Macedonia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Bangladesh. CCS engaged with government leaders, stakeholders, and donors to assess gaps and opportunities to develop a Green Growth Strategy to meet their own development priorities and needsincluding NDC implementation.

Through LEDS GP, CCS is providing technical assistance to the Government of Macedonia to achieve national vision and agencies’ priorities through LEDS, and build consensus on the need for alignment and next steps toward a cohesive plan.  CCS is working with Macedonia high-level officials, key stakeholders, and the donor community to conduct an in country assessment and close information gaps on links between sustainable development, economic growth, climate change and existing national goal and priority alignment through LEDS.


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CCS’s Transatlantic Research and Debate Project was funded by the European Union and designed to enhance existing and new EU-US dialog and collaboration mechanisms on current and emerging low-carbon and clean energy policy actions and issues. The project focused on high volume/high velocity market penetration of renewable energy for power generation and related transatlantic collaboration.

In February 2016. CCS released the Report that lays down key findings and recommendations for enhanced transatlantic collaboration to expand and accelerate renewable energy. The White Paper was developed by EU and US experts as a result of conferrals and engagements with high-level government officials and agency representatives.

Key findings:

 Key recommendations:

CCS engaged with US and EU government representatives and stakeholders to move to the next phase and establish a new enhanced transatlantic collaboration mechanism to expand renewable energy.


Statue of Alexander the Great on Bucephalus (circa 344 BC) in Macedonia Square, Skopje, one of the top cities of the Balkans region today.