Under2 Jurisdictions Enhancing MRV Systems and Building Long-Term Decarbonization Pathways 

CCS and Winrock are embarking on pathways development support to seven selected regions in in the LAC region that are members of the Under2 Coalition. Through a step-wise approach that involves substantial engagement of public and private sector stakeholders, the works focuses on achieving optimized and transformative pathways to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions consistent with under 2 degrees Celsius climate stabilization levels, and complete, accurate and cost-effective Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV). Pathways be tailored to the regional gaps and needs. The work includes initial stocktaking, gap assessment, target setting, identification and design of low-carbon pathway options, technical modeling, and assessment and design of MRV methods and procedures. It will provide lesson sharing for vertical integration with national and regional efforts and horizontal sharing in service of replicability across over 40 other AFOLU-focused signatory jurisdictions and over 220 total signatory jurisdictions.  

Through LEDS GP, CCS provided technical assistance to the Inter-municipal Consortium of Sao Paulo´s Western Metropolitan Region (CIOESTE) of Brazil to achieve the Region’s vision and priorities through a subnational Low Emission Development Strategy (LEDS) in alignment with national objectives, and build consensus on next steps toward a cohesive plan.

CCS worked with CIOESTE high-level representatives to develop a detailed work plan that will guide step by step the design, impact analysis and implementation of the LEDS process in the Region. Additionally, CCS provided echnical assistance to CIOESTE in drafting a comprehensive proposal for the Clean Technology Centre & Network (CTCN) under the UNFCC to receive targeted technical assistance on the following implementation of the LEDS in the Region.