Baseline Inventory & Forecast

Development of Business As Usual or "baseline" scenarios are an important first step in Comprehensive Action Planning by providing detailed trends and clarity on the drivers of change within and across economic sectors. Planning goals establish the need for shifts in these trends, and support the development of specific response options and new, policy driven scenarios. To support this process, we develop baselines, or inventory and forecast assessments, of actual and projected trends for economic, energy, resource, and environmental activities to support action planning, assessment, and compliance. This allows agencies and stakeholders to move beyond Business As Usual trajectories and make fact based decisions on potential new actions.

State & local baseline assessments are available in CCS' on-line library as well as regional and national baseline assessments. CCS has also provided training and technical assistance in organizational baseline development, most recently as part of its support in development of the University of South Florida, St. Pete's Climate Action Plan.