Low Emission Development Strategies Global Partnerships & Remote Expert Assistance for LEDS (Real) Program

LEDSGPartnership.pngCCS has supported the Low Emission Development Strategy Global Partnership (LEDS GP) to provide capacity building and technical assistance to government leaders and stakeholders in developing countries on design, planning , analysis and implementation of LEDS action planning processes that are aligned with national vision and countries’ priorities.

In partnership with the LEDS GP and its regional platforms, CCS acted as as key technical LEDS modeling expert on the Africa LEDS project, and has worked in Macedonia and Bangladesh on LEDS planning.

LEDS GP provided virtual consultation and advice through its Remote Expert Assistance on LEDS (REAL) program. The REAL service supports requests from developing country government agencies or initiatives, as well as their consultants, technical institutions, and non-government organizations, working on LEDS plans and implementation. Under the REAL program, CCS has worked in Brazil and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and is preparing for assistance in other countries.

CCS also supported the LEDS GP through participation and technical contribution in its Working Groups, including the Finance Work Group, and Regional Platforms.