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September 2014: ClimateLine - Audubon Issue

July 2014: ClimateLine - South Jersey Inventory and Forecast

July 2014: ClimateLine - China Program

June 2014: ClimateLine - Green Growth Best Practices Report 

June 2014: ClimateLine - Clean Air Act 

May 2014: ClimateLine - Clean Air Act 

May 2014: ClimateLine - China Program 

July 2013: ClimateLine

December 2012: ClimateLine

November 2012: ClimateLine

August 2012: ClimateLine

March 2012: ClimateLine

December 2011: ClimateLine, Happy Holidays Message from CCS

April 2011: ClimateLine

January 2011: ClimateLine

December 2010: ClimateLine

November 9, 2009: Southern Climate Policy Study Released

October 27, 2009: $5.13 Billion and 54,000 Jobs for PA via Climate Change Action

September 24, 2009: Climate Action Tracker Reveals U.S. States as Leaders on Climate

September 8, 2009: Highlights: State Energy and Climate Actions: Efficiency in the Built Environment

August 26, 2009: Briefing Notice: State Energy and Climate Actions: Efficiency in the Built Environment

August 11, 2009: New York Governor Paterson Sets a Target for GHG Emissions Reduction

August 4, 2009: Michigan Climate Plan to Save $10 Billion

July 16, 2009: Highlights from the Agriculture, Forestry and Waste Management Climate Policy Briefing

July 9, 2009: The Economics of Climate Change Policy Book Release

June 30, 2009: Waxman-Markey Climate Bill Summary: 1,201 pages in 1,502 words

June 29, 2009: Briefing Notice: Agriculture, Forestry and Waste Climate Change Policies

June 10, 2009: Breaking News: $38 Billion in Economic Benefits from Florida's Climate Plan

June 3, 2009: Highlights from Briefing: State Lessons for Federal Climate Policy

May 21, 2009: Florida Study Shows Major Job Gains