Private Investment Mobilization

We are working on a multi-region, pilot-based program designed to incubate comprehensive curriculum and tools for public and private sectors to develop business financing models for Low Carbon Development actions across sectors, and ultimately mobilize investments for standardized and aggregated projects and products (Private Investment Mobilization – PIM - project). The PIM project is implemented through on-site trainings and interactive remote sessions supported by an online learning management system and country-selected pilot cases. The pilot cases provide a learning-by-doing opportunity to convert low carbon policy actions into products that can accelerate flow of funds at scale for implementation of NDCs and other related actions.

The training program has been completed in Ghana with a local team led by a country education institution, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), that served as incubation hub for the full length of the training and mainstreaming mechanism in the future. An integrated waste management system was selected as a pilot case in Ghana to build a business model that meets investor requirements for social impact, risks and returns.

Currently, we are implementing the PIM project in Trinidad and Tobago in partnership with the Ministry of Planning and Development and the University of West Indies. A local group of over energy and infrastructure business leaders, government officials, financiers, policy advisors and academics is participating in the training  and will work with us on an electric vehicle program.

To implement the PIM project, we are partnering with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and its NDC Support Programme, with support from the New York Community Trust.

For more details on the Ghana training program, please read the UNDP Blog.

For more details on the Trinidad and Tobago training program, please read the following press release from UWI-Open Campus.



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