Renewable Energy Implementation Project

Built upon previous US-China collaboration on the development of the China Subnational Low Carbon Development Planning and Analysis Toolkit and related training and technical assistance activities conducted since 2009, CCS, the Global Environmental Institute (GEI), and the Guangdong Institute for Energy Conversion of Chinese Academy of Science (GIEC) cooperate on a project for South China Renewable Energy (RE) Implementation.

In this collaborative project between CCS, GEI, and GIEC, renewable energy (RE) technology implementation tools and training will be applied in a pilot project in the Guangdong Province and a pilot region in province. Based on lessons learned during the pilot project, project partners will update tools and training for further use in South China and, potentially, areas outside China, including curriculum based guidance and a toolkit.

This RE Planning & Toolkit is an extension of the CCS/GEI Low Carbon Development (LCD) Planning System developed to support the step-wise planning approach. This project aims to fill in additional details needed to support implementation of RE programs or projects at the local scale, which requires additional details beyond what is typically done for jurisdictional planning. This is a much more rigorous feasibility analysis that directly supports implementation of specific RE programs or projects in specific locations, at specific times. In turn, this will improve the reliability of RE capacity expansion decisions at the local and regional levels, and improve confidence by government and business in RE scale up.

Renewable Energy Implementation Project Activities

In June 2017, after extensive tool assessment and development, CCS, its South China partner, and its longtime China Low Carbon Development (LCD) partner GEI announced plans to pilot a series of new renewable energy implementation tools in the Guangdong Province and the Huangpu Economic Development Zone in the City of Guangzhou. New tools build on the China Subnational LCD Toolkit for Planning and Analysis developed jointly by CCS and GEI with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute for Policy Management (CAS-IPM) and address four component areas that include:



(*Tom Peterson, CCS President and CEO sharing Renewable Energy Implementation Project thoughts with representatives from GIEC and GEI in Guangzhou, China.)

Renewable Energy Implementation Toolkit

The Renewable Energy Implementation (REI) Toolkit addresses ongoing gaps of reliable supply and demand estimation for capacity expansion and local siting decisions, structuring  regional renewable energy zones, targeting optimal RE resources (solar, wind, biomass), targeting high priority RE technology applications, design of business implementation models, and assessment of risk, return, and impact requirements of public and private partners.

A local pilot was carried out for the Guangzhou Technological and Economic Development Zone in the Huangpu District (Huangpu EDZ) for the Industrial Rooftop Solar Photo-voltaic Power technology application. 


(*Components of Renewable Energy Implmentation (REI) Toolkit)

Results and Project Report Release

To provide new focus on US China cooperation and implementation of the Paris agreement, CCS, GEI, and GIEC hosted side events and meetings at COP 23 in Bonn, Germany to release results of the South China Renewable Energy Project and technical report detailing newly developed procedures, tools, and pilot testing for clean energy technology applications and renewable energy implementation cooperation inside and outside China.

Key tools developed and tested in South China’s Guangdong Province and Huangpu Technical and Economic Development Zone include:

11-27-17 COP23_3.png

(*Tom Peterson opens the China Center’s CCS-GEI-GIEC Side Event on US China Cooperation on climate change and clean energy, and the South China Renewable Energy Implementation Project.)


Please view project summary trifoldExecutive Summary of the final report, and full final report on our website. 

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