United States Actions

CCS’ US work is focused on implementation of local, state, and national actions that integrate economic, energy, resources, environmental, and equity goals and capitalize on worldwide innovations while addressing national strategic interests and providing local benefits.   


CCS national scale projects include American Reinvestment and Recovery Act Financing, the Clean Power Plan, National Scale Up of State Actions, the CCS Security and Investment Project, and others conducted in partnership with universities, donors, stakeholders, and government agencies.


CCS regional projects include discussions on economically beneficial approaches to climate change as well as market based and other broad scale policy approaches in the South, Northeast, Midwest, West, and Pacific Coast through cooperation with the Midwestern Governors Accord, Pacific Coast Collaborative, Southern Governors Association, Western Climate Initiative, and Western Regional Air Partnership.


CCS state projects include leadership outreach, development of stakeholder decision processes, comprehensive climate action plans (mitigation and adaptation), comprehensive energy plans, energy and resources modeling, transportation planning, emissions inventories and forecasts, clean economic growth planning, market based instruments development (taxes and trading), macroeconomic evaluation tools, training and capacity building, and other activities. CCS has worked with over 40 US states on one or more of these approaches.


CCS local scale projects include work with Municipal Planning Organizations (MPOs), counties, university systems, and cities such as cooperative projects with the Southern California Association of Governments, South Jersey Transportation Authority, University of South Florida St. Pete, and Washington, DC.