United States Actions

US States


CCS' national action initiatives provide critical linkages between subnational and national actions in the US and support for policy development and implementation, including financing. CCS projects include:


Collaborative actions by jurisdictions at the regional scale are often critical to the advancement of markets that are larger than state or local borders, for investment commitments where critical mass is needed at program scale, and where other regional synergies for policy action exist.

CCS has supported multi state and provincial actions, as well as aggregations of local government, to enable market and policy development and implementation. This is done through assessment, planning, consensus building, program development, capacity building, financing, and technical education. CCS support to partners in North America includes:


CCS works at the substate level to assist local municipalities and organizations in achieving their greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation, economic development, or economic goals. CCS support to partners in the US includes:

The Southern California Association of Governments: Design and Implementation of Regional Transportation and Land Use Approaches to Comply with California State Law SB 375. Get the final report.

South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization: Baseline Inventory and Forecast Report. Get the final report

University of South Florida, St. Pete: Climate Action Plan - 2016: submitted as part of the institution's responsibilities under the American Colleges and Universities Presidents' Climate Commitment Program. Get the final Climate Action Plan. Get the USFSP Final GHG Baseline Report