Comprehensive, Multi Objective Strategic Planning and Policy Development

We conduct comprehensive policy planning processes in and across sectors to meet a range of goals and objectives through expert designed actions. This includes: developing multi-objective baselines that describe historic and future energy use, resource use (land, water, biomass, waste), economic activity, and greenhouse gas emissions; setting or enhancing immediate and long-term goals and targets; screening and selecting priority policy options and mechanisms through a Multi-Criteria Analysis procedure that combines multiple performance criteria; and designing key requirements of policy options and implementations mechanisms (including legal and financial instruments).

Key Programs: USAID EC LEDS; Mexico LEDS; Africa LEDS; US States Climate and Clean Energy Planning

Key Projects: Guatemala EC LEDS Project; Ukraine EC LEDS project; Coahuila Climate Action Plan; Africa LEDS; Maryland Climate Action Plan and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act; Pennsylvania Climate Action Plan; Southern California Council of Governments Climate and Economic Development Project