Where We Work

"The Center for Climate Strategies in the United States has been working very closely with the Global Environmental Institute in China in order to develop ideas for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And the Center has already worked with 36 states in the United States on ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and it is transferring these best practices to Chinese provinces. It is doing so directly. In the next three years, the partnership will develop 30 low-carbon plans across China. And that is exactly how we are going to make the most progress in this fight." -US Secretary of State, John Kerry (EcoPartnership Signing Ceremony, Strategic and Economic Dialogue 2014, Beijing, China)


Since 2006, CCS has shared and adapted its highly successful template for comprehensive, sector based, consensus oriented policy development and planning to other nations through information exchange, training and capacity building, technical studies and support, institutional partnerships, and launch and management of climate planning processes. CCS' international projects involve collaboration at the state, provincial and/or national level in the following countries: Canada, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, European Union, Guatemala, Mexico, Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Ukraine.  

US National 

As an outgrowth of its signature work at the subnational level in the US, CCS supports the translation of subnational policy development to national level policies and programs, including scale up analysis of subnational actions, integration of national energy, economic and environmental security initiatives, public a private financing mechanisms to support public-private partnerships, and state-local-federal partnerships.


CCS has supported multi state and provincial actions, as well as aggregations of local government, to enable market and policy development and implementation. This is done through assessment, planning, consensus building, program development, capacity building, financing, and technical education.

US State, Local and Institutional 

Since 2004 CCS has supported state/local and organizational action on climate change and economic development by building comprehensive, consensus based policy actions in all economic sectors, and through the use of all policy instruments, that jointly improve economic, energy and environmental security. CCS supports implementation of these actions through existing programs, development of targeted new laws or policies, mobilization of public and private investment, and identification and implementation of organizational strategies. CCS has led the development of over 20 US state climate and energy action plans and provided technical assistance to over 40 US states and numerous localities. In the process it has worked with over 2,000 stakeholders.