Where We Work

Our experience spans over 100 high impact projects in the United States, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. We work at the local, state and provincial, and national levels.

United States 

Starting in 2004, we implemented over 20 comprehensive, multi objective, self-determined, stakeholder based, policy initiatives led by US governors that built a diverse stakeholder consensus on full range of solutions in all sectors. This work focused on the integration of economic, energy, and environmental opportunities. Today, CCS’ US work is focused on implementation of local, state, and national actions that capitalize on worldwide innovations address national strategic interests and provide local benefits such as jobs and investment flow. 


Since 2006, we have implemented comprehensive, multi objective, self-determined approaches to climate change, clean energy, and sustainable economic development through capacity building and learning by doing procedures in key countries and regions outside the US. Today, this work is focused on approaches that build willpower to meet critical national priorities that include climate stabilization, economic, and energy progress.