Mission and Vision

Our vision is a world where governments, stakeholders, and citizens adopt the values, concepts, and techniques needed to stabilize the earth’s climate, promote social justice and economic equity, and sustain our use and management of energy and natural resources for all people. We value transformative success driven by genuine caring for all people and the natural environment, respect for informed local self-determination, fact-driven analysis of development opportunities, and the integrity, inclusion, and innovation of our work with others. 

Our mission is working with others to develop and implement smart, shared solutions to climate change, economic development, social equity, and sustainability. We provide broad experience and expertise for all levels of government and economic sectors with a successful track record in the US and developing regions. 

The Center for Climate Strategies (CCS) has implemented over 100 projects and partnerships in key regions of the world. Our capabilities include thought leadership, strategy, analysis, innovation, outreach, training, tools, and advanced facilitation and technical assistance. CCS proven strengths are economic recovery, stakeholder collaboration, social equity, objective analysis, non-partisan approaches, and broad expertise.

Our capacity building processes typically combine curriculum and workshop-based instruction with customized tool development with follow on "learning-by-doing" activities for planning, evaluation, and implementation of actions by expert work groups. Cooperative support is provided through both on-line and in-person activities.